Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I do know that this church is the true church, more than ever before.

This has been a good week. We taught a lot of lessons this last week so
it was a really good week. None of our investigators came to church
though so that was kind of sad. We had a great combined
Priesthood/Relief Society lesson. We showed some clips from the PMG dvd
and talked about member work. It seemed to go over well. In Sunday
school we all just went to gospel doctrine since there wasn’t anyone in
our class. It was a funny class. The teacher asked a couple people to
volunteer to draw some animals on the board. The best artist in there
(the one that painted those pics that I sent home) didn’t want to go up
but he was pressured into it. So he went up and quickly drew a really
ugly, crazy looking dog. As he was sitting down he said quietly that
the dog was a democrat. That comment then kinda had a domino effect. A
couple minutes later the teacher asked something about TV’s and our ward
mission leader said that the people were stuck in the tv. They were put
inside there in China. After that the class was pretty much back to
normal. I don’t know if that sounds very funny, the way I explained it,
but it was a pretty humorous class.

I have started to write in my journal and exercise almost every day. It
has really been a blessing. I feel so much better. I am so glad that I
have been blessed with the opportunity to serve a mission for the Lord.
I do know that this church is the true church, more than ever before. I
love you all and am glad that Erik is doing awesome and got asked to the
dance. Is she cute? That was a great idea to answer back. (Block of
ice with his answer frozen in the middle) I enjoyed
cheating on my
creativeness by looking at the ideas in Brooke's book. (Erik did too!)
hope yall continue to do well in all that you do. Stay close to the
Lord and I love you all.

Elder Gray

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