Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transfer Week

Hey its transfer week
I'm staying but my comp is leaving
more soon
love ya

Dear Justin,
I have baptized millions of people. Haha just kidding no I think 12. That's how many me and my companions have helped to get baptized. I'm not exactly sure how many I have actually got in the water and did the actual baptism. Texas is great. I love the barbecue and brisket is my favorite thing to eat here(and the Mexican food is super spicy and good. The hottest temperature I have been in is about 105 degrees. It was about that hot for two months last summer. And its humid. That is so awesome that you are getting your Arrow of Light. You will be glad that you took the time to get that when you look back on your life. Good job at everything else. You and everyone else at home sound like you are working hard at the things you do. Love you.
Elder Gray

Dear Ashley,
Wow good job at all your stuff. Way to try something new. I don't think I would have made it in choir if I would have tried but I wish I would have at least tried. Way to push yourself in school. Keep it up and I know that you will do awesome. Also that is really awesome that you have that Christlike love for our brother Erik, running for him and such. Bryson is an awesome guy. Tell him I said hi and that I approve ;) lol. Is he still doing track?
Anyways things are going awesome here in Texas. I really like this area. I have loved all my areas though. The ward is highly functional and so we can get a lot accomplished. We are still trying to get more people excited about the missionary work but that will come with time. Keep it up and I love you.
Elder Gray

Dear Erik
I'm doin' hecka good. Lol. I'm a little sad that I'm losing my companion but its ok because its what the Lord wants. That is so sweet that you finished your radiation treatments. Sometimes I try and burn myself with my radioactive super-vision but it doesn't work so I don't know what its like. Sorry I can't empathize but I know that only someone tough like you could still be having this great of an attitude. Good luck in the elections. I will vote for you if I can send this email as an absentee ballot. You are an awesome example to me Erik. Keep it up and I love you and I'm praying for you. Remember to floss in between the toes :)
Elder Gray

Dear Family,
I'm sorry I don't have too much time but I want you to know that I love you all and I hope that all goes well. I am doing well and I will be sending pics of my broken shoes soon. Thanks for the letters and all the extras in the letters and for your love and support.
Elder Gray

Monday, March 22, 2010

"...Make the days count"

Esta semana pasada fue divertido. Yo fui a dos areas para los cambios. Fui a los barrios Cedar Park y Lake Austin. Lake Austin es un barrio español. Los lideres de la zona sirven allí. Hablar en español por un día fue divertido. El barrio Cedar Park es ingles. Aprendiò mucho en los dos intercambios.
Aprendimos muchas acerca de la expiacion todavia. Nuestro paquet que leemos es lleno de buenas charlas. Una cosa que yo aprendí esta semana es: Porque Jesucristo fue perfecto, no necesita hacer la expiacion por su propia salvacion, porque Él ya fue salvado. Con o sin la expiacion, el todavia es salvado. Pero el hizo todo para que podemos ser salvados. Entonces, la expiacion es unicamente para nosotros. Todas las cosas que tenemos que hacer para regresar a Dios, aprendimos en la iglesia.

(Thank heavens to google translate:
This past week was fun. I went to two areas for change. I went to Cedar Park neighborhoods and Lake Austin. Lake Austin is a Spanish neighborhood. The leaders of the area served here. Speaking in Spanish for a day was fun. The Cedar Park neighborhood is English. Learned a lot in the two exchanges.
We learned a lot about the atonement yet. Our package we read is full of good talks. One thing I learned this week is: Because Jesus Christ was perfect, no need to make atonement for his own safety, because he was already saved. With or without the atonement, he still is saved. But he did everything so that we can be saved. Then the atonement is only for us. All things that have to do to return to God, we learned in church.

I remember that you had a couple questions in your letter to me this last week, dad. I'm sorry but I forgot it back at our house. But a little info about the area (because I think that might have been what you asked) is: We cover one ward. It is an english ward. All the spanish people that we find, we refer to the zone leaders. The spanish ward covers the whole stake boundaries. We basically cover the southern half of Pflugerville. We do live with the bishop. He was called to be bishop on the first or second Sunday that I was here. That is really awesome that everyone is doing well. I am excited that dad got that project over at the ball fields. Is it the new ones up by the middle school? Also we do have enough copies of the BOM to give out to people but thanks for the concern. But that would be cool to get a couple of them with your testimonies in it to give away to people. Great idea! Also just fyi. I bought a gps a month or so ago and we have a Ross in our area so I might buy some more pants and shirts there in the next couple of weeks. Also, strangely, my big toe on my left shoe has almost worn all the way through. I believe that my warranty at MM covers that so I was wondering if I needed to send a pic or the whole shoe.....
I love you all and hope for the best. I hope that you all succeed in your endeavors and that Erik will continue to recover. Tell Erik he is a stud and to keep pushin' all the way through his recovery and beyond. You are the best family. God bless.

Con amor,
Elder Gray

P.S. Please tell all the young women thanks for the letters. I enjoyed reading them. Also tell the track team to work hard and that I wish them luck during this next season.
"Don't count the days, make the days count."
-Muhamed Ali

p.s. oh by the way the house that we live in has 3 chihuahuas so its pretty awesome.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Lo siento pero este correo electronico es poqueno. No tengo mucho tiempo porque fuimos a jugar disc golf en el centro de Austin. Fue muy divertido. La semana pasada fue bien. Tuvimos una leccion con Julie (la mujer de Thailand) en una casa de miembros. Senti el espiritu santo durante de toda la leccion. Estudiamos charlas acerca de la expiacion hasta la *Pasqua (*creo que es la palabra por Easter). Quando leo acerca de Jesucristo y su expiacion, yo siento el espiritu.
Se que esta obra es la obra de Dios. Se que la expiacion puede ayudarnos. Se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y el evangelio fue restaurado a travez el.

Spanish to English translator says:
Sorry, this mail is poqueno. I do not have much time because we went to play disc golf in downtown Austin. It was fun. Last week was good. We had a lesson with Julie (the woman from Thailand) in a house member. I felt the Holy Spirit during the entire lesson. We study talks about the atonement to the Pasqua * (* I think is the word for Easter). Quando read about Jesus Christ and his atonement, I feel the spirit.

I am writing in English this last part just because its faster and time is short. We met up with the Elders in Buda and things are going great there. There is this one member that I visited a bunch while I was there and they said that she is coming back to church now and her son that isn't baptized really likes YM :) Also I learned some good things about goal setting that I don't think I have shared with all of you yet. If I did already, sorry ;) When setting a goal, remember these 4 points:

1. Set your goal- Make sure it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound(S.M.A.R.T.)
2. Make plans- Specific plans
3. Lord's Part- If it is a righteous desire, then the Lord can help. Prayerfully consider what the Lord can do to make that goal become a reality.
4. Your sacrifice- What can you sacrifice to be able to achieve this goal?
I know that this pattern really works. I challenge you all to apply these principles. I know that when you do you will see the blessings. I love you all and I hope that you have the best week.
Elder Gray

Monday, March 8, 2010


This week was a little unusual. First of all, we got pulled over for "soliciting." The cop told us that we needed soliciting permits from the city. Those cost $35 per person because they have to do a background check. We are looking into some of the city ordinances to see if we really need to get one. It all depends on the city's definition of solicitation. From what I understand, we are technically canvasing, not soliciting. But we'll get it all figured out soon enough. Then the next day we found a really awesome lady just right across the street from where we got pulled over. She is from Thailand but has been in the states 30+ years. She is a really sweet little old lady. She also lived in Utah for about ten years and all of her friends from there are Mormon. We invited her to be baptized on the 27th of March and she accepted!
Elder Law is doing great. He is a great missionary and together we are helping each other be the best we can.
Thanks for the news and for everything you all do. You are the best family. I am glad that even through all the bumps and bruises of life (literally and figuratively), you all are still doing great. Keep it up.
Elder Gray

Monday, March 1, 2010


Howdy from Pflugerville,
Everything is going well here. Finding through our own efforts is going a little slow but it will pick up as we keep increasing our faith every day. Something Elder Law and I have been learning lately is about blessings and waiting for the Lord's timing. We are promised blessings as we do the right things and work hard in the Lord's cause; but the blessings might not always be apparent or they might not come when we want them to come. One thing that I really like to read is the section on a "Successful Missionary" in the first chapter of Preach my Gospel. It gives me comfort when I feel like I am not making a difference.

One thing that is vital for all of us is to put on the whole armor of God first thing in the morning. The way that I do that is through obedience to our rules as missionaries (wake up, pray, exercise, study, etc...). When I am trying my best, I find that my whole day goes a lot better. I would challenge you all to do the same. Find your way to put on the armor of God and keep it on.

Quote: "Some people say motivation doesn't last long. Well neither does a shower. That's why we need to apply it daily."

I also have a random math riddle that a member told us quite a while ago. *Alright........ So you go to McDonalds and they have three sizes of chicken nuggets boxes: 6pc, 9pc, and 11 piece. You can only buy whole boxes. So, using any combination of boxes, what is the highest number that doesn't work. Every number after this given number should work. For example, 13 pieces wouldn't work because there is no combination of boxes that adds up to 13 pieces. But a number like 12, 6, or 17 pieces would work.* I hope I explained it enough. If not, tell me and maybe I can clarify. Have fun! Its simple but I only got the answer because he told me it.

Mi espanol esta mejorando cada dia. Ahora, estudio los verbos reflexivos. Son divertidos y no son muy dificiles. Elder Law habla muy bien espanol. El fue llamado ingles perro el lo estudia a espanol mucho. El es obediente entonces es muy divertido servir con el. Os Amo mucho. Seguir a Cristo. Se que el evangelio bendicira a todos los que lo seguiran

My Spanish is improving every day. Now, study reflexive verbs. They are fun and not very difficult. Elder Law speaks Spanish very well. He was called English studying Spanish. He is obedient so much fun to serve. I love a lot. Following Christ. He will bless the gospel to all who will follow. (compliments of the Spanish to English translation website)

Con amor,
Elder Gray

p.s. Good job dad for running that mile. I am trying to get back in shape too ;) oh yeah...... is Pflugerville german? gotta go.
Love you all

(Yes, "Founded by German Pflugerville was founded in 1860 when William Bohls established a general store and post office in his residence, and named the town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Pfluger first arrived in the area in 1849, leaving his German homeland to escape the Prussian War." History of Pflugerville)