Monday, March 1, 2010


Howdy from Pflugerville,
Everything is going well here. Finding through our own efforts is going a little slow but it will pick up as we keep increasing our faith every day. Something Elder Law and I have been learning lately is about blessings and waiting for the Lord's timing. We are promised blessings as we do the right things and work hard in the Lord's cause; but the blessings might not always be apparent or they might not come when we want them to come. One thing that I really like to read is the section on a "Successful Missionary" in the first chapter of Preach my Gospel. It gives me comfort when I feel like I am not making a difference.

One thing that is vital for all of us is to put on the whole armor of God first thing in the morning. The way that I do that is through obedience to our rules as missionaries (wake up, pray, exercise, study, etc...). When I am trying my best, I find that my whole day goes a lot better. I would challenge you all to do the same. Find your way to put on the armor of God and keep it on.

Quote: "Some people say motivation doesn't last long. Well neither does a shower. That's why we need to apply it daily."

I also have a random math riddle that a member told us quite a while ago. *Alright........ So you go to McDonalds and they have three sizes of chicken nuggets boxes: 6pc, 9pc, and 11 piece. You can only buy whole boxes. So, using any combination of boxes, what is the highest number that doesn't work. Every number after this given number should work. For example, 13 pieces wouldn't work because there is no combination of boxes that adds up to 13 pieces. But a number like 12, 6, or 17 pieces would work.* I hope I explained it enough. If not, tell me and maybe I can clarify. Have fun! Its simple but I only got the answer because he told me it.

Mi espanol esta mejorando cada dia. Ahora, estudio los verbos reflexivos. Son divertidos y no son muy dificiles. Elder Law habla muy bien espanol. El fue llamado ingles perro el lo estudia a espanol mucho. El es obediente entonces es muy divertido servir con el. Os Amo mucho. Seguir a Cristo. Se que el evangelio bendicira a todos los que lo seguiran

My Spanish is improving every day. Now, study reflexive verbs. They are fun and not very difficult. Elder Law speaks Spanish very well. He was called English studying Spanish. He is obedient so much fun to serve. I love a lot. Following Christ. He will bless the gospel to all who will follow. (compliments of the Spanish to English translation website)

Con amor,
Elder Gray

p.s. Good job dad for running that mile. I am trying to get back in shape too ;) oh yeah...... is Pflugerville german? gotta go.
Love you all

(Yes, "Founded by German Pflugerville was founded in 1860 when William Bohls established a general store and post office in his residence, and named the town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Pfluger first arrived in the area in 1849, leaving his German homeland to escape the Prussian War." History of Pflugerville)

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