Monday, January 25, 2010

Alexis and Julien

Things are going well here. Alexis got baptized on Saturday and then
confirmed on Sunday. We have another potential baptism coming up. His
name is Julien. He is 17 years old and needs his parents to sign the
baptismal form and a permission slip. He will be baptized really soon,
hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Sorry this letter is going to be
short and probably boring but I spent a while making Julien’s baptism
permission slip. I’ll send it as an attachment so you can check it out.
It isn't anything official. It is mostly to make his parents more

On Saturday we had our interviews with President Cutler. It went really
well. We talked about a lot of different things. He is a great man.
His advice is always just what I need to hear. He also told us that an
apostle and a 70 are coming to the mission on February 20. We don’t
know which one yet but we all are super excited. We get to meet with
them for three hours.

I still have plenty of Reliv left. I hadn’t been taking it consistently
for a while but now for the last little while I have been doing a lot
better. I really have noticed a big difference in my energy level
during the day if I take my reliv and eat a good breakfast that morning.
Also, I’m not sure if we are moving apts or not. We will see soon.

Thanks for everything and I love you all. Stay close to the Lord and
remember that consistency is what makes champions in every walk of life.

Elder Gray

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