Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I really love being a missionary

Everything is going great here. We have two potential baptismal
candidates that are just waiting for parental approval. One is from a
part member family and the other is from a non member family. The ward
seems more excited about missionary work now and everything is rolling
along just great. DesireƩ got confirmed by Lisa's husband Orson on
Sunday. She has changed so much in (for the better of course) in these
last couple of weeks. And it was all the Lord. He did all the work. I
really love being a missionary.

My birthday started out fairly un-eventful until the Andersons found out
that it was my birthday. They insisted that we come for dinner since we
didn’t have a dinner appointment that night. We had Mexican food (still
my favorite) cooked by DesireƩ. Her family is partly Hispanic so she
knows how to cook Mexican stuff. It was a really good birthday. I
enjoyed everything in the package. I really like how you had all those
people write me something. All the friends, family, teachers, and
everyone. I really am glad that you put in the effort to make that
package for me. Thanks :) Also I enjoyed the dried blue berries. They
are one of my new favorites as of a couple of months ago. I believe
they were from Steve. Thanks. I also got the stuff from Brooke and
Tim. And sorry if I missed anyone else I’m sorry but I appreciate stuff
from everyone.

So also I found out that we are distant cousins with the Buda ward
mission leader. We were over at his house eating on Sunday and he asked
us if we wanted to watch a movie about his great great Grandpa. Guess
who it was…….. John Tanner. He had the same movie that grandma and
grandpa had sent me. So we watched it. It was really good. I liked
it. Then we looked through his John Tanner family genealogy book to see
how closely related we were. It turns out that he is from the 3rd wife
of John Tanner and we are from the 2nd, if I remember right. That was
fun to see that family connection.

There are a lot of people that are excited for the big game on Thursday.
All the stores are selling championship game shirts and we see quite a
few longhorn t-shirts around.

Elder Best is getting transferred. It has been fun to serve with him.
We got along almost all the time and we had fun working. I will miss
him. He is getting “doubled in” for his next area. That means that
both he and his companion will be new to the area. That happened to him
when he first came to Buda too.

I hope everything is going well back home. My prayers and fasting are
with Erik and I pray that everything goes well. I know that he is a
tough guy though so he will be fine. I do know that everything that the
Lord throws in our path is for our good. Also, I am proud of all of you
no matter what. No matter if you are the best at running, chess,
badminton, or a best friend, you are awesome in my eyes. I love you all
and wish you the best.

Elder Gray

PS Happy Birthday on Thursday Erik