Monday, January 11, 2010

We want to be like the Lord

I am so glad to hear that Erik is doing well. Thank goodness for the
power of prayer and fasting. He will have an awesome story to tell with
that scar. Personally I would say that I got attacked by a flock of
wild mongeese and they sliced my jugular vein with their razor sharp
claws but I just barely escaped with my life and crawled on my hands and
knees for three whole days before I was saved ;) Hehe just joking around
but seriously I am so glad that Erik will be fine and that he is
toughing it out.

So as you heard, our church building flooded and church was canceled.
We came to help clean up at about 8 in the morning. The pipe broke in
the nursery. We are guessing it froze because it was really cold that
night. It was in the ceiling so it did some damage to the insulation
and ceiling tiles in there. There was a couple of inches of water in
the nursery at first but by the time we got there it was just wet. That
whole side of the building had water damage. It also got under the
stage. There was a ton of people helping so the work went quickly. I'm
not sure how much permanent damage was done but we will see soon enough.

Our typical morning is we get up at six thirty, exercise, personal study
at eight, companion study at nine, and language study at ten. Right now
we are studying pretty much whatever we think we need, we don’t have a
mission study program at the moment. I usually study out of the Book of
Mormon, PMG, occasionally some talks, then sometimes the other mission
library books(True to the Faith, Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, and Our
Search for Happiness. My biggest focus is on those first two though.

We have another person getting ready for baptism. Her name is Alexis.
She is 12 years old and her dad is a member. He is super active but the
mom isn't a member. The plan is for her to be baptized at the end of
the month. She is a lot of fun and she loves yw. She is ready.

Elder Best got transferred up to Leander and I received my new
companion, Elder Himes. He is from Brigham City, Utah. He is called
English speaking. He has been out only six weeks less than me so we
actually left the MTC at the same time. He is good and obedient, which
I am glad for. He is a little quiet right now but I’m sure he will talk
more as we get to know each other better. He likes outdoor stuff. He
worked before his mission instead of going to college right away, like
me. Like Elder Best, he wants to major in chemical engineering.

When men say unto us, “You are not like us.” We reply, “We know it. We
don’t want to be. We want to be like the Lord. We want to secure his
favor and his approbation and to live under his smile and to acknowledge
as ancient Israel did on a certain occasion, ‘The Lord is our God, our
Judge and our King and he shall reign over us.”
-President Ezra Taft Benson

Gracias por el paquete y los charlas. Me gustan muchos, especialmente
la charla de Gordon B. Hinckley. Mire por los milagros siempre. ¡Os

Con Amor,
Elder Greis

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