Monday, December 28, 2009

Miracles truly do happen

It was so nice to talk to all of you on Christmas. All of you sound
like you are growing up, especially Justin. That’s awesome that he is
doing Violin now. Did he just barely start playing? And I haven’t seen
the new Ensign yet. We will get those at transfer meeting (if we’re
there) on January 7. Is Erik excited to turn 16 and be able to drive?
I know I was. Also I would like to thank everyone that sent me
something this Christmas season. I loved everything. Oh and also just
FYI, I did receive my birthday package and the card from Brooke
and Tim.
Thanks for the E-card. It was funny.

This last week was a good week. We got lots of food and a couple gifts
from the members of the ward. Our fridge is stuffed with leftovers. It
was a fun Christmas. The best part of Christmas day was talking to all
of you and then the baptismal interview we had with Desireé. She
passed, of course. She is an awesome person. He son is excited to be
baptized in November when he is eight. We have only been teaching her
for a few weeks. But her friend, Sister Anderson, has been working on
her for years. Then the Lord helped her learn so much more in just a
few weeks. Miracles truly do happen.

On Tuesday we had Christmas Conference with the whole mission. We
started off at the temple and talked for a bit with all our mission
buddies. Then once they opened the temple gates we went inside
and took
a mission picture in front of the temple. After that we went
to the
nearest chapel and had an hour or so of spiritual and business type
things. President talked about how transfers work. He prays about
everything that goes on with transfers. He puts a lot of thought and
prayer into it. Then the week before transfers the zone leaders talk
with all the district leaders and ask them about their districts,
changes needed/wanted, and then the zone leaders talk to President about
their zones. Then president and the AP's figure out where everyone is
going. After that we had some testimonies from five or six
missionaries, Sister Cutler, and then one of President's counselors.
Then we ate. It was fajitas and it was really good. Then we had the
talent show. It was all musical talents. Some were funny and some were
more on the serious side. Two sisters, Sister Kleisler and Johnson,
sung "President Cutler is coming to town." It was pretty funny. Then
San Antonio West zone sang Feliz Navidad and used spoons as their
instruments. It was all good. Lots of talent. After the talent show
we watched Elf. It was really funny since none of us have seen a funny
movie since we were home. After that we picked up our mail and
presents. We got a TSAM paper weight that looks like its carved out of
a rock. Then we went back home.

Well I hope you all have a happy new year! Stay close to the Lord and
keep working hard. Remember the Alamo ;)

Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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