Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep the Faith

This last week has gone pretty good. We met someone at church that
isn't a member and somehow slipped under the radar. Anyways we are
trying to get in contact with her friend so we can teach her and see if
she wants to get baptized. We are excited for her.

The weather here has been cold. Last week one day it got down to 32
degrees while we were out and then into the mid 20's during the night.
It snowed for just a couple minutes earlier that day but nothing stuck
because it was just a little to warm. Now the weather is back up to the
50's so its nice again.

We also helped a family move this week. The husband is not a member but
the wife is. He will be baptized some day. He said some of his best
friends have been missionaries. There were some really awesome
missionaries a year or two back that just really showed their love for
him. I think just pride is what is getting in the way right now. He
wants to stay Catholic. The move wasn't organized very well so it took
forever. Nevertheless they were really grateful for our help since
everyone else there was older and not able to work as hard as us.

This area has been a little hard for me and my companion. It has been a
little harder to get people to listen to the message here. But we keep
trying the best we can and the Lord has shown his tender mercies at the
times when we really needed them. Our district leader is really
awesome. His name is Elder Maka and he is from Meridian, Idaho. He is
a big Polynesian guy with an even bigger heart. He told me just to keep
trying as hard as I can. The Lord doesn't expect me to be perfect, he
expects the best that I can do.

That's so crazy that Ton ton is back from his mission already. It
reminds me of how long I've already been out. Crazy! Mom,
your talk sounded great and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad to hear
that Erik is doing well. Great attitude. Personally I think attitude
plays a huge role in our health. Thanks for letting me know whats
going on. I will make sure and keep him and all yall in my prayers.
I love you all more than words can express. I know that the work
we are doing out here is truly the most important work.
Keep the Faith.

Elder Gray

Thanks for the reliv. I got it on Saturday. Oh and one little clear-up
on missionary lingo haha. My trainer is just the missionary that is
with me my first and second transfer. So all Elder Best is is just my
senior companion. lol He said he is more like my guardian just a second
ago. haha Anyways, I look forward to receiving the package from all of
you. Oh and one random question. What ward is our cousin in that lives
in San Antonio? love you

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