Monday, November 30, 2009

Five Thanksgiving Dinners

So first of all I would like to thank you for the package I received the
other week. I forgot to thank you last week. We have enjoyed the apple
cider and I really enjoyed that shirt and pillowcase Erik. Thanks a
bunch. That kind of looked like my or your profile. Is it on of us?
(Erik's project in Graphic Design class... screen printing of a runner)
Thanks for the pictures too. All you younger ones have changed a lot.
Justin seems taller. Erik and Ashley have changed some too. I’m afraid
Erik will probably be able to beat me up when I get home. I better
start doing more push ups :)

This Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We had five Thanksgiving dinners in
three days (three of them were onThanksgiving day). I was so stuffed.
Our main dinner on Thanksgiving was at the Jensen apartment. They
both went to George Wythe in Cedar so it was kind of cool to talk to them.
They have a couple kids and they invited friends with kids over so it was
crazy the whole time.

This week I have been reading in Alma. The missionary stories in there
are really neat. All the Lamanites converting to Christ, burying their
weapons; I like it all. Everything in there shows how much zeal to keep
the commandments, they had. Every time I read something in the BOM,
even if I’ve read it before, a new thing is brought to light. It’s
awesome. Gordon B. Hinckley once said that he got more out of the Book
of Mormon the second hundred times he read it. Wow! Remember to make
the Book of Mormon a part of every day.

Mi espanol esta mejorando. Tambien mi testimonio en todas las cosas del
evangelio esta mas grande que antes de mi mision. Me pongo en practica
las cosas que me ensenaron. Gracias por sus amor y devocion y todo.
Estoy agradecido por todos mis bendiciones. Se que esta iglesia es la
unica iglesia verdadera. Os Amo y recordad seguir a Cristo.

Here's the Spanish to English translator:
(My Spanish is improving. Also my testimony in all the things of the

gospel is greater than before my mission. I put myself in practices
the things that they embosomed to me. Thanks for its love and devotion
and everything. I am thankful for all blessings. That this church
is the only true church. I love to you and you remember to follow

Con Amor, (With love)
Elder Gray

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