Sunday, December 27, 2009

Desiree and Logan

I forgot that you guys were in California for the holidays. That is so
fun. That is also fun that you got to meet little Kingsley. If you
can, send me a pic of her. If not, no big. It sounds pretty nice down
there. Its nice here too, most days. It has gotten below freezing a
couple times during the night but its usually between 50 and 70 during
the days.

This week was really productive. We have one lady named Desiree that is
scheduled to be baptized on Sunday. We are so excited. She has been
coming to church off and on for the last five years. It has been really
sporadic until now though. She has come almost every week for the last
couple of months. She is a lot of fun. She has a little seven year old
boy and she is expecting twins in June or July. Her little boy, Logan,
is really smart. He always tells her what he learned in primary and it
helps her a lot. That is one awesome thing that is going on. Then
yesterday we got called into the bishop's office after church. He was
sitting there with a guy named Julien. Julien is the boyfriend of a
young lady in the ward. He had approached the bishop and told him that
he wanted to be baptized. So now we are going to start teaching him
too. He has been coming to church for a long time and knows a lot about
it. The only problem is that he is 17, so he needs permission from his
parents to be baptized. We found a couple other good potentials this
week. A lot of people are leaving for the holidays so we have our work
cut out for us when January rolls around.

Tomorrow we have Mission Conference. I am excited to see a bunch of
faces that I haven't seen for a while. I hear we do a lot of fun stuff
at Christmas conference.

I am in Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon. That is a really awesome
chapter. The whole thing is about faith. My favorite verse is 27
because I really have seen the Lord strengthen my weaknesses all through
out my life. One of the members we talked to this week said something
that I really agree with. He basically said that you can be the best at
anything if you do two things: Have a love for whatever you are pursuing
and then work as hard as you can and give everything to achieve it.
That is so true. I know that I have touched on this subject a lot but I
truly believe it with all of my heart.

I look forward to calling you all on Christmas. Have the best holiday
season and remember our Lord and savior during this time.

Elder Gray

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