Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Companions

HEY, I'm getting transferred. I'm not sure where to though.........

45 minutes later....

Dear Family,
So as you saw in my prior email, I am getting transferred. I am not sure where yet but I will let you know next Monday. All I know is that it is not on the border. This area has been a lot of fun. I will miss it here. But I am sure I will love my next area too. This area has a lot of fun memories. Elder Best and Elder Himes were great companions.
So this week it was almost a normal week. Jennifer's friend came to the lesson with her and he brought some anti-mormon material that he found on the internet. He attacked and attacked and nothing good got accomplished. Luckily Jennifer isn't listening too much to him but her progress is pretty much at a standstill. We also found a pretty sweet apartment complex that has a lot of people that actually listen to us. Things are going well.
I heard a good quote this morning in a talk we were listening to. Helen Keller once said "Life is either nothing or it is a daring adventure." Another quote I liked was from Walt Disney. He said something about how a good kick in the teeth is good for us sometimes. Its all true. Most successful people had a rough start but worked through the adversity and achieved excellence.
Well I am glad to hear that everyone is doing great. Keep the faith and stay awesome.
Elder Gray
PS I got to try the bagpipes at a member's house this last week. It was fun. Its hard to keep the bag full of air. I felt dizzy after wards :)

PSS The pancakes were good (not as good as your recipe but still good) and I enjoyed the package. Thanks!

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