Tuesday, March 3, 2009

""Whoever works the hardest will be better in the end"

Dear Family,
Everything is going really good here. My Spanish and testimony are slowly getting better each day. I am working hard. It's funny how some elders are so ready and pumped to speak Spanish sometime in the near future, but aren't working hard now. I guess reality will catch up to them sooner or later. This work is like anything else in life. Those that are naturally talented might succeed at first, but whoever works the hardest will be better in the end. I plan on working hard my whole mission.
Today we are trying to speak completely Spanish. It's easier than I thought it would be. This week we taught the first lesson in Spanish again. It went well. We can't speak and understand everything we want to but it still works.
Congratulations on your Bear, Justin. (Cub Scouts) Keep up the good work! Elder Seymour is going to San Antonio, just like me. My favorite food here has to be the chimichangas. They have the same foods here each week with the exception of Friday and Sunday dinners. They do every other week on those dinners. I have clipped my toenails once or twice while I've been here so I guess that's regularly. :) (He's just answering back one of Justin's questions.)
Keep me up to date with your track meets Ashley and Erik. I wanna hear how ya'll do and what events you do. You know, just stuff like that. Same with you Justin. Tell me about your weeks, like you have been.
We get our flight plans on Thursday or Friday this week. I am way excited!
One tip for Dad or maybe all of you. Preach My Gospel helps you teach better, communicate better and a bunch of other stuff; even if you aren't gonna teach about gospel stuff. And it also helps with a million other things. I learned something really good in the fireside the other night. "If you pray and don't receive an answer to your question, get back on your knees and thank Heavenly Father that he trusts you enough to make the decision on your own." I hope that makes sense the way I worded that.
Mom, dad, everyone; thanks for all the letters and packages. Keep writing. Thanks for the music. We really like it. Amo ustedes!
Elder Gray

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