Monday, March 23, 2009

"Its amazing how humble...."

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Dear Family,

Hey, hows it going there? Sorry I have still not
sent the memory card yet. I left one of my bags
in the trailer we put all our luggage in. That
has my stamps in it, too. So hopefully I will get my
bag sometime this week. Oh, and I'll get our new
address to you next email. I will get it to you
next week for sure. If you send it to the mission
home I probably won't get it for a couple weeks.
But whatever works.

I am in Austin, Texas right now. Our area is
the northern half of the Walnut Creek ward.
Our area covers part of the University of
Texas campus. There's so many people here. We
haven't even been to the university part of
town yet.

My companion's name is Elder Kleinman.

He has five months left on his mission. He went
to school at Lone Peak High. (Highland, UT area)

Our area is really
diverse. We have a little bit
of everything here.
It seems like a lot of
the time we are the only
white people in the
neighborhood,which is
awesome ;) For
the most part we take care
of the English
speakers and then our zone
leaders take care
of the Spanish speakers. We
still teach a little
bit in Spanish but we hand
over the Spanish
investigators after the initial
visit. Me and
my companion were doubled in.
That means
that we are both new to the area.
He was
down in Del Rio by the border before this.

We had a couple referrals but we basically are
starting from scratch. We have a bf/gf
couple that we are
starting to teach. They are really neat.
On our second visit they told us how they
felt this good feeling and it was just really cool.
I hope and pray that they continue to progress.
We also talked to a guy that wants someone from
the church to get on his radio show and talk
about the family history site and the church.
We have a couple people interested so far but
since we are new there isn't anything too solid
yet. Its amazing how humble some of these people
you would expect to be are. We will get plenty
of new investigators this week.

Thanks for the emails. Emails will probably be
the easiest now but do whatever is easiest for
ya'll. Have fun and stay close to the Lord.

Elder Gray

Hey, a couple more things.
I love you all. It was good to hear
you all too. Thanks for the support
and prayers and everything. If you could,
pray for Lauren and James(our bf/gf
investigators I was talking about).
Thanks for everything and stay safe.
Good luck in everything everyone.
-Elder Gray

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  1. Elder Gray-
    We send our best wishes for your success! Elder Roy is happy and busy in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He'll be home two weeks after Christmas:) Love-The Roland and Dolly Roy Family

    P.S. The Church is true!