Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flight Plans for the 18th!

How is everything back at home? I am doing well. Actually more than well.
I am doing really
well! My Spanish is slowly getting better and my gospel
studies have gone so much better.
I started writing down stuff I learned in
personal study and that has made all the
difference. This last week Elder
Seymour got the results back for some test for Crone's
Disease. They
cleared him to go to San Antonio. :) For a while we weren't sure if
he was
going to be able to go out in the field. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to tell you

that we got our flight plans...
I got my flight plans on Friday. We leave the 18th. We report to the travel
office at
6 in the morning and then our flight leaves at 9:35am. We get in
San Antonio about 1:30
central time. I am super excited :)
Anyways, how is track going for the teenagers? Is it Hurricane this week?
That was
awesome to hear Ashley's good news (wink, wink :)). That CD
idea is great. I really
like it. I'm sorry to hear about the Sewings. They
seem like good people.

My favorite meal here is Chimichangas on Saturday night. We have ice
cream on Sundays
and Wednesdays. Sundays are better because they
have all the toppings. I gained 6 pounds
in the first 3 weeks so I decided
to stop eating so much. I weigh about 9 pounds heavier
than when I first
got here. Don't be sorry about long letters. I love them.
That's crazy that
so many people came out for track. I bet the team will do good again

this year.
Thanks for the picture, Justin. I really appreciate it. :)
And Erik (well I guess this could apply to all of you), remember that the
only way to success
is hard work. Great things come one step at a time.
But it's all well worth it.
We had a really good devotional last Tuesday.
Yoshihiko Kikuchi spoke. It was probably
in the top 3 of the best talks I've
ever heard. He started off by calling everyone to
repentance, hardcore,
and then he gave on of the best talks on the Atonement. I learned
so much.
And talking with our Branch President, President Studdert, I learned even
He gave me an example: If he shot me in the arm, he could
repent and be forgiven of the sin.
There might always be a hole in my
arm though. That's how it is with all the sin. We can
be forgiven even
though we don't forget it. We just have to move on and make the best of it.

Thanks for sharing all your experiences w/me. I hope everything continues
to go well. Thanks
for everything! Stay close to the Lord. I love you all.

Elder Gray

P.S. I was wondering if Dad and Tim could tell me little about the first
months in the field
(experiences, etc., if you remember). Oh, and I
started reading Jesus the Christ. It is really
good. Read it if you have
a chance.

P.S.S. Thanks for the bike info and Nicole's letter (cousin sister missionary)
and the pic of the SLC temple:)

P.S.S.S. Ha, sorry, but one more thing. Ashley and Erik, pay attention
and memorize scriptures
in Seminary. I shoulda done more of that.
It'll really help with mission stuff.

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