Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"It's not who you aren't, It's who you are"

?Como es mi familia? Yo tengo felice. Mi companero es bien tambien. Mi testimonio sobre Jesucristo y su expiacion es progreso a diariamente. Mi testimonio sobre todas los cosas en la Inglesia es progreso a mucho. Se que you hice un bueno decisione voy a en un mision.
It's really gonna help me in life, I'm sure. This week has been good. M. Russell Ballard came on Tuesday. It was really good. He talked about a lot of things but the main thing I got out of it was to stay positive.
On Saturday, we taught our first lesson in Spanish. Even though we couldn't say everything we wanted, we felt the spirit and it just felt really good the whole time. :)
I did like the valentines package. Thanks! That's awesome that we beat Canyon View. Your comment about "bathroom material" made me laugh, mom. And thanks for the quotes dad. Everyone you give me, I can apply to my life. I really enjoy reading what's going on around town, but especially the family. So keep it up. :) How did fishing go? I'm gonna miss fishing but maybe I can go occasionally on P-days.
I am excited to go to Texas. The time here is passing super fast. I think I get flight plans next week so I'll let you all know what's up when I get them.
In our fireside last night (with Stephen Allen, Mission Dept. Director), we watched a bunch of the church commercials along with his talk. There was a lot of good one-liners. So just remember; "it's not who your aren't, it's who you are". Stay close to the Lord. I love you all.
Elder Gray

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