Monday, February 16, 2009

Keep writing me all you want.

February 16, 2009 
Dear Family,

Hey I figured I would start doing my letters on email just because its a
little easier to send.
This last week went by super fast. We taught our last lesson in english
and we are now gonna do espanol the rest of the lessons now. Also, our
our classroom instruction will all be in espanol till we leave. I am
working really hard and its paying off. I just have to remember not to
get frustrated. Everyone learns differently.
Our district decided to start doing the MTC choir this week. I still
cant sing any better than before but its still really fun. You can
really feel the spirit when your singing in a choir that big.
My companion and I are the Zone Leaders now. The last ZL's are leaving
tomorrow. I am a little nervous but I think it will be a lot of fun.
The firesides and devotionals and everything here are so great. I learn
so much from every speaker.
Thanks for all the letters and packages! It is nice to have candy and
that other stuff you sent me. Keep writing me all you want. I have
plenty of time to read letters. The hard part is finding time to write
Thanks for raising me right. As I live with a bunch of elders I come to
realize that some of them are lacking in some basic areas (por ejemplo:
hygiene) But the elders in my room are pretty good.
You all sound like you are having a bunch of fun. Keep me up-to-date
with all the happenings at home.
Remember: You can't love anyone you don't like
Stay Close to the Lord.

Elder Gray

P.S. Tell Justin that Chris Heimerdinger's son is staying on the same
floor as me in our residence hall. He is going to Ukraine.

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