Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nothing in life comes without hard work

February 9, 2009
Hey Everyone,
How is everything down there in Cedar? Thanks for all the letters and that candy pizza. It was really good. I saw Preston Saturday during gym. He seems to be enjoying himself so far. Things are going real good for me. It's hard to believe I've been in here for almost 4 weeks. Time goes by really fast.
On Saturday, we taught the 2nd lesson in English to a practice investigator. It was awesome because we taught by the spirit and we didn't even follow our original lesson plan. The spirit was so strong. Once a week we get to go to the call center and take calls for church commercials. Most of the time its for either a Bible or Book of Mormon. We get to do outbound calls too. It's really fun because we get to bear our testimonies and talk to a lot of people about the gospel. We can also send missionaries to their house if the caller wants that.
That's awesome that you got that fire station. I'm glad you guys are being blessed. I really liked that P.U.S.H story too. I can really apply it well to my life now.
Justin, your car looks awesome! I'm glad you did well. (pinewood derby) Sunday School is always fun. We take turns teaching it so my turn should come up real soon. Thanks for the weather updates. :)
Erik, that's real neat that your gonna do javelin. I was never skilled enough to do that. Just remember to work hard in whatever you do. You'll do awesome!
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. That's good that your R.S. stuff is doing good and all is working out. One of my teachers said that the Lord micro-manages missionary work so I'm sure its' the same with stuff like Relief Society. My cookies and brownies and everything were all in one piece. It would be nice to get another towel and another pair of gym shorts just next time you send a package. No rush.
Try and remember that nothing in life comes without hard work. Stay close to the Lord and I love you all.
Elder Gray

P.S. I forgot to add some stuff to my letter. LOL. I was gonna tell you all a little about my district and zone. Two Elders, Stirland and Keys, were supposed to leave for the Dominican Republic MTC last week. Elder Stirland left, but Elder Keys' visa got delayed. So we had a trio for a couple days. It was fun having 2 companions. But Elder Keys will be leaving tomorrow. We have a lot of different kinds of people in our zone. It's fun. We have a big Polynesian Elder. I love the Polynesian people. They are so loving. You can see it in all of them.

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