Monday, August 16, 2010

Trust in the Lord

How is everyone? I am doing awesome here. Elder Alas and I are getting along great. That is always key in a companionship. When I haven't been the closest with a companion, it reflects in the work. Luckily, I haven't had hardly any problems with companions and none with Elder Alas. I don't remember how much I told you about him last time but here are some things about him: He loves cars and is a certified mechanic and welder, he is a real good people person, and he is fluent in both English and Spanish.
This week was a little disappointing at church. We had a bunch of people lined up to go and we had rides for the ones that couldn't drive. But, none of them came to church. Its sad when people know that they need to change and definitely feel the spirit, but then just throw that all away. But I trust that the Lord will give them more opportunities to accept. After we do all that we can, and then some more, we have to leave the rest up to the Lord.
Our mission president is a great man, definitely called of God. He is way different from President Cutler but just as great. While Pres. Cutler seemed to be more of the "spirit of the law" kind of person, President Jones is more "letter of the law" kind of person. But awesome nevertheless.
I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us all. I have come to appreciate and love the simple aspects of the gospel in this last year and a half. Its cool and fun to learn all the random facts and doctrines, but the simple things that we can apply to our lives each day are truly the life-changers.
I love you all and am very grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. Thanks for the love, support, testimonies and everything else.
Con Amor,
Elder Gray
P.S. Good luck in the deer hunt! Oh and with that book, Drawing on the Powers of Heaven, you don't need to send it to me. I can focus on the missionary library and BoM for now. But thanks for the offer.

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