Monday, August 30, 2010

Lay hold upon every good thing

So this week was pretty sweet. We had a part member family come to church. They said they were gonna start coming every week. I am so excited because this family needs the gospel so much. I guess we all do but anyways....They are struggling a bit but they want to change. Their two girls that are excited to come are awesome. Carmen and Julisa. Julisa still hasn't been baptized so we're gonna help with that. The older girls aren't too interested right now but they will follow with the example of the others.
I got a speeding ticket. I was going 10 over in a school zone so they doubled the fine. It was crazy. They were pulling over people left and right. Everyone was going about 30-35 mph. They were pulling people over an average of about two people every five minutes in their little speed trap. They printed the tickets quick too. Its been almost two and a half years so it was a record for me.

That day it seemed like everything went wrong. The work wasn't going anywhere, appointments were falling through, etc.....At the end of the day I looked back and realized that if I would have been a little more diligent and obedient, I could have avoided almost all the bad things that happened. It really fortified my testimony of obedience. Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way that day. But, overall our week was fantastic. We taught more people than we have in a long time.
I am so excited to hear that everything is going so well at home with everyone's' pursuits. Keep moving onward and upward and keep the faith. Stay consistent and "lay hold upon every good thing"(Moroni 7:19). Keep conquering those XC courses and Catan ;)
Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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