Monday, August 23, 2010

So this week has been pretty sweet. All the District leaders, zone leaders and trainers came down to San Antonio for a four day training meeting. Elder Seymour (not my MTC companion) and Elder McCurdy stayed with us. On Tuesday and Thursday they tracted with us from 5-9. It was really great to learn from both of them. They are both great missionaries. Elder Seymour is 6' 6" and his testimony is just as big as him, if not bigger. He really has a love for the people and for missionary work. We had a lesson that was just completely guided by the spirit. The people understood clearly and wanted more. Elder Seymour, Andy, and I were all amazed after the lesson. Andy said it was the most amazing lesson that he had ever seen and both I and Elder Seymour have had very few, if any, lessons like that before. It was a really great spiritual experience. I am really grateful for that experience. Oh and by the way Andy is a member in the ward that is getting ready to go on a mission. He has a super sweet testimony. He is my age but just started coming back to church about a year ago. He overcame his trials and has come to love the gospel. He's a great example to me.
I read Moroni 7 the other day. I really got a lot out of it about personal revelation. Like a lot of people, I have the trouble of trying to discern whether its personal revelation or just my own thoughts.
-The first thing you can do is look to see whether its good or bad. Will it help you or someone else come closer to Heavenly Father?
-Then if you still are in question, just go with what you think is right.
So I knew a lot of this stuff before. It was a great reminder. But the new thing I realized is that when we are doing what we are supposed to, to come closer to God, the spirit will guide our very thoughts to what we need to do, where we need to go, etc... So all the time I'm going by what I think is best. But now I know that when I'm obedient to the Lord, my thoughts are no longer my thoughts. Its hard to tell if the spirit is guiding when I'm in the act of doing something. But I can look back at the end of the day and see how the Lord has guided me. I hope that all made sense. The way I understand it cannot be explained in words. Thats the wonderful thing about the spirit.
I'm glad everyone is doing well. School, sports, reading, all that fun stuff. Sweet pics. Justin is doing percussion, right? I'm glad dad is fine from his little dumpster incident. Its funny because I was actually reading a Dr. Suess book in Spanish before I hopped on the computer. Then that's the first thing you mention. My companion's name is Elder Alas, not wings haha. And he is from Fontana. We are still getting along great and are having a great time doing missionary work. Gonzalo just kinda disappeared. He won't return phone calls or answer the door. Its sad but he will be baptized someday. Just hopefully sooner than later.

No nececito mas camisas blancas, pero gracias. Ojala que tengan buena semana y Les Amo!
(I don't need more white shirts, but thanks.
Hopefully, all will have a good week and tell them I love them!)
Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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