Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visualize Success

Thanks for the pics. They are great and funny. It was really awesome talking to you all on Sunday. I really enjoyed hearing about Justin's, Erik's, Ashley's..........just everyone's accomplishments in all parts of life. Good job! You all make me proud to be part of this family.

So not to much has happened since we last talked. As you know, Cheyenne is getting baptized on Sunday. Everything seems to be pretty much in order and ready for that to happen. We have an awesome new investigator. We were knocking on some doors and we ran into a lady that we work with when we go to the thrift store to volunteer. She let us right in. She is looking for direction in her life and she is pretty awesome.

I'm sorry I don't have too much time but I hope you all have an awesome week. Good luck at state and run/cheer your hardest :) One thing that I found really helps is to visualize success. Visualize yourself running the best race of your life and passing people and so on. I guess everyone has their own things that work but that worked for me. Os amo muchisimo.

Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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