Monday, May 3, 2010

Perfect love casts out all fear

My week went really great. I enjoyed translating your Spanish. It was good. Did someone help you or are you just awesome at Spanish now? ;) (It's called "google translator" ha ha...I typed up a letter in English and had google translator turn it into Spanish for me to send to Chris. LOL)

That's awesome about Ash and Erik getting elected. They will do awesome. I am very happy for Erik recovering so well and being able to do more things. I know that the Lord really blessed him. He blesses all of us so much.

Speaking of blessings, someone just moved into our ward that is pretty much prepared for baptism. She just needs to get married and so most likely she will be baptized at the end of the month. Her husband is pretty awesome. He is a super good chef and he works for a video game company (W.O.W. administrator for Blizzard Entertainment). We are super excited for her but right now her fiance hasn't expressed much interest. Hopefully that will change soon. Also, Cheyenne will be getting baptized on either this Sunday or next Sunday. We are talking to her tonight to finalize that date. She had her interview last week and she passed. She is a sweet girl.
This week I was reminded of something really important. First of all that perfect love casts out all fear. I was having a hard time talking effectively to people lately. Then when I realized what it was that was holding me back, it made all the difference. Also, another thing, If you want something to get done, just do it. At times we sit there passively and wait for things to happen. But time and time again I have seen that we get so much more accomplished when we make things happen.
♪Happy Anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, haaaappy anniversary♪
I love you all and look forward to talking next week. Stay strong
Elder Gray

P.S. Hey transfers are next week. Also, I was thinking that 8 o clock (7pm your time) Sunday night would be the best time to call. Is that going to work? Let me know real quickly if that won't work.

P.S.S. Yes its starting to get hot here. Low 90's and humid

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