Monday, May 24, 2010


Well another week has passed by and I'm still here. We had a really good week with our numbers. We taught 29 total lessons. Usually we have around 20-25 I believe. We also had a bunch of new investigators. Sadly a couple have dropped off already. If they're not elect, we just have to move on and later on down the road they will be ready. We receive a couple referrals from they ward members. The other week we received eight from one lady in the ward. We have been able to contact two of them. One was interested and the other wasn't. We are also trying to visit some recent converts in the ward each week. Sadly, all the ones that were baptized this last November and December are inactive currently. But with some hard work we can bring them back.
On Saturday we did something that was a little scary, to us at least. There is a part member family in the ward that needed help vacuuming their house. The mom was in the hospital for surgery. Her mom was coming over to help around the house but is allergic to dogs. So they needed their whole house vacuumed to get rid of the dog hair. The husband wasn't doing it so she called some sisters in the ward to help. The sisters couldn't do it right then so they ended up calling us to help. So we went over there when nobody was home and vacuumed the whole downstairs. The husband wasn't home so we were afraid he was going to show up any minute. He doesn't like the missionaries because they weirded him out a while back. Apparently they would always sing him a song when they came over and he thought that was weird. So anyways we were really glad that he didn't walk in on us when we were there. He would not have liked that at all.
So anyways that was the excitement of the week. Oh also Randy, the guy that came with his two kids last week, came with them again this week. They really enjoy church. They are all progressing and learning tons. We are going to commit them for baptism when we go over on Wednesday.
Os amo.
Con Amor,
Elder Gray

P.S. Cheyenne got confirmed yesterday. She asked me to do that too so it was pretty cool

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