Monday, May 17, 2010

Awesome Sunday

We had an awesome Sunday. Five investigators came to church. That is more than we have had in a long time. Four of them were surprises too so that was even better :) One of them came with two of his kids and they liked it. The other one that came was one that we had basically done all we can. We decided to just put her on the back burner for a couple weeks, but then she showed up to church so now she is back in our sights. Cheyenne was baptized yesterday. I got to baptize her so it was a pretty neat experience. She had originally said that she wanted her home teacher to baptize her so when she said she wanted me to, it was a big surprise. Everything went off without a hitch. We had a really good week overall. Lots of lessons, new investigators, referrals, etc.....
That's awesome to hear about the family and all the things going on. Good job at state! Are you going to Albuquerque? I am proud of both the boys and girls teams. Hard work always pays off. It seems like teams with a good medley or 4x400m are well balanced teams and do well overall. I'm excited that Justin gets to march with his team in the opening ceremonies too. That was always fun to do.
Well I hope you all have the best week. Stay safe and stay cool ;)
Elder Gray

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