Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

So sorry this email is coming late today. All of us in south zone took
one of the mission vans down to Pleasanton and had our P-day at some
members' house. It was really fun. We fished in his pond. There were
huge bass, and huge catfish, and then a bunch of other fish that looked
like bluegill. I only caught a couple small ones. They were really
easy to catch. The big ones were a little tougher but I got a couple of
bites. We also shocked ourselves on the electric fence :) It was just a
little shock in the beginning. Then we tried it with our shoes off. It
really shocked us then. They really treated us and fed us well.

We had zone conference this last week. And, as always, I learned a lot.
One of the big focuses was on "Prime time." Between 5-9pm are our best
hours to do missionary work. This conference was more of an
instructional one from my perspective. We got a lot of good pointers on
how to keep dinner appointments down to an hour, how to help the members
help their friends, and so on.

We baptized Roger Gonzalez yesterday. It was really awesome. He is an
amazing man and will do amazing things for the church.

Its crazy but it seems like every week is going by faster. Being a
missionary is so normal to me now that its going to be weird to go back
and resume "normal life." I love being out here. There are a lot of
ups but there is also some downs. But I know that the Lord needs me to
go through all that I do so that I can be molded into whatever he needs
me for later on.

I heard this quote somewhere a couple of days ago: "Success is 1% genius
and 99% hard work." Also I heard another one that basically said that
you show true character when you keep working hard, even when its not
the funnest.

Well it is time for me to go so I hope you all have a great week. Keep
up the awesomeness and stay close to the Lord.

Elder Christopher Gray

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