Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy with Teaching and Finding

Hey we are at a member's house emailing this week so I don't know how
long I have to write. We'll see. We were pretty busy with teaching and
finding. We found this semi-ghetto neighborhood that we hadn't seen
before. We have had a good amount of success there so far. The members
here are great. They feed us plenty and help us with lessons a lot.
Good people.

Our zone changed around a lot this last transfer. Elder Dennis, the
other elder from Cedar, got sent to Roundrock. Roundrock is a city just
a little north of Austin. Its fun to have a little mix-up and see some
new faces as well as a couple old ones. We got shirts made for the
whole south zone. They are awesome. I also bought a custom made ring
that says TSAM on it. I will take pics so you can see them next time I
send a memory card home.

That is awesome that Elder Cook is coming to Cedar. You'll have to tell
me how it goes. How are the wildfires? Hopefully they have died down.
Try not to get the black lung (cough cough). Just kidding. But
seriously I hope that the damage is minimal. Thanks for telling me
about who your teachers and sports and stuff. Your teachers are all
awesome Erik. I don't know Bro. Chappell but all the other ones are
awesome in their own ways. I really loved having Mrs. Coates for
Algebra 2. She is an excellent teacher. Thats awesome about football.
You play right tackle right? Keep up the good work. The same goes for
the rest of you. I am so proud of all of you and proud to be in the
best family ever.

At that zone conference I was a little nervous to talk. But now that
I've done it it shouldn't be too bad next time.

I love you all. Have a fun Labor Day!

Con Amor,
Elder Gray

P.S. Let me know if there ever is anything that I need to add to my

Phrase of the week: Que tenga buen dia=I hope you have a good day/Have a
good day. Pronounce que like the letter k. Tenga rhymes with jenga.
Buen rhymes with "gwen" steffani. And dia rhymes with the car "kia."

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