Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Las Familias Son Eternas

First of all...Yes its transfer week. My companion and I are staying
together. A lot of people are getting switched around. Our district
will be a lot different here in a couple days. And second...We got our
goal as a mission! We helped 105 people enter into the waters of
baptism in August. Everybody is way excited about it. We can do even
better too just as long as we don't get complacent. We didn't baptize
Roger yet. Some things came up but he should be baptized in the coming
weeks. Do you remember me talking about Elder Hunt? He is one of our
zone leaders. Well anyways he just got called to be an Assistant to the
President. He is super awesome. He will do well.

This last month has been kinda bittersweet for our companionship. Our
mission finally achieved our monthly baptismal goal, me and Elder
Finlayson get along super well and everything is great with our
relationship, but we had some really legit people decide not to go
through with their baptisms. Its sad but we just have to keep truckin.
As long as we keep working hard, the Lord will provide.

We have a sweet less-active family that we are getting to come back to
church. There are like a dozen kids at this house and all of them that
are old enough are baptized. They love the missionaries. They are
super cute and fun to teach. Their uncle lives with them and they love
to work out with him. They all are gonna be super strong. Charles is
Justin's age and is way strong already. He loves to do pull-ups. They
are so funny.

In my Book of Mormon reading I have been reading a lot in 1 Nephi.
Nephi has such great faith and obedience. The Lord really blessed him a
lot for his efforts. He was privileged enough to be able to see many
visions and things of that sort. Just think how great the world would
be if we had a couple more people like Nephi.

We have started running a little bit in the mornings. I really have
enjoyed it and I am slowly getting into shape again. We pushed the car
down the street again on Monday. It is a really great workout. I am
going to start Air-Alert next week. If I have a program that I have to
stick to, I will exercise more and then maybe I won't get too fat :)

It sounds like you are all keeping super busy back at home. You are all
studs. I'm so excited for all of you succeeding in the things you are
doing. Keep up the hard work and don't fall into the trap of this
generation. So many people could do so much better if they were just
consistent in their efforts. Idleness has been the downfall of many,
even whole nations. But y'all are doing great so just keep on going. I
love you all so much. Stay close to the Lord.

Elder Gray

P.S. I do have the Audio CD's in Spanish of the BOM. The english ones
would be great.

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