Monday, October 19, 2009

If pigs could fly

So I got transfered back up to the Austin area. I really love it up
here in Austin. The area is called Buda and it is in the Kyle zone.
This zone basically consists of the area between Austin and San Antonio.
We cover just a small sliver of south Austin and then we have a couple
of small country towns. Buda is where most of the members live. It is
a small town with a couple thousand people. The members are great.
They are very missionary minded. The members haven't been utilized as
much as they could have been in the last couple of months so it is going
to be awesome. My companion is Elder Best. He is from Bountiful and
has been out for about 16 months. I really enjoy him. Most of my
companions before liked being in control (which isn't bad most of the
time) and he isn't like that at all. It is very equal with him. He is
a great missionary. We are going to do very well together the next
couple of months. Also he is my first companion that is shorter than
me, only by a couple inches though.

Kinda a crazy name for a street. Also, our church is on a road called
Convict Hill. But don't worry. Despite the crazy road names this is
the nicest area I've been in so far. Lots of safe people. We live in a
really nice complex on the southern edge of Austin. It has a little of
great things. There are things that we can't do like the hot tubs and
pools but they have a media center (thats where I'm emailing from).
They also have two nice gyms here in the complex. I have only been to
the smaller one but it still has almost everything I need. This last
spring the church came out with a statement that said that we, as
missionaries, can't work out in public gyms. So some elders were kinda
bummed out about that. But president said that we can work out in our
complex's gyms since they are private gyms.

The work is going a little slow here right now but it will pick up very
soon. There is a lot of potential for this area. I love you all and
thanks for your support. Watch out for them swine ;)

Elder Gray

P.S. my area is mostly just english and my companion is called english
speaking. Good luck at state and good job at region! Good luck against
CV Erik. Let them know their place ;) haha jk but seriously. Oh and
also that package is nowhere to be found. If it isn't too much hassle
do you think you could send some more Reliv? I'm so sorry that last one
came up missing. I feel bad. Thanks for everything.

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