Tuesday, October 6, 2009

75 degrees and slightly foggy

How is everyone doing? I really enjoyed conference this weekend. I
heard so many things I needed to hear too. Elder Bednar with expressing
love and showing it, and bearing testimony and living it. Elder
Andersen and repentance. Elder Ballard in the Priesthood session with
his talk on how to be a better son/father. Elder Uchtdorf on learning.
One thing that I really liked that he said was “Winter will give its way
to spring.” President Monson, Eyering, Cook, they were all really good.
I think picking a favorite talk would be like picking a favorite child.
Not possible ;) Oh I also loved Elder Holland’s powerhouse talk on the
Book of Mormon. He always delivers a really strong message. One thing
I think I’m gonna do in the next couple of days is make goals on how I
can live and apply the things I have learned in the last couple of days.
We watched all of the sessions at the church. The people here in Texas
can get conference at home as long as they have cable or satellite or
something more than basic, free TV.

I’m glad Chandler and the missionaries in Samoa are fine. The Lord
really is watching out for his servants. That’s cool that they will be
able to help in the rebuilding process. Once, our branch president in
the MTC told us about when he was a mission president in California.
There were some wildfires. He sent some missionaries to help clean up
and rebuild. They ended up teaching a lot more people than usual while
they were working. They helped for about a month or so.

We had an investigating family come to conference. They enjoyed it.
Their name is the Luna family. They haven’t been too solid lately but
this last week they were very solid. Keep them in your prayers.

Last night we were knocking in an apartment complex. At one of the
doors there was a really funny guy. His voice sounded like the “Rex
Kwon Doe” guy on Napoleon Dynamite except angrier and a lot older. He
also had some crazy eyes goin’ on. As he ran his fingers through his
beard he informed us that he doesn’t worship a God that doesn’t have
whiskers. That gave us a good laugh. Then to make things better we
taught a pretty good lesson to a guy we met outside his apartment. We
are gonna meet again with him tomorrow.

How is work going for dad? Lots of things being built? Relief Society
is going well I assume….. It sounds like Ashley and Erik and Justin are
still having fun with their various activities. Keep me posted. You
all sound just as busy as me. Thanks for the letters and support. I
enjoyed those couple extra stories you sent me, mom. I didn’t know
Elder Reid in the MTC but that was a really neat story about his mom.

I would just like to share my testimony about the power of prayer. I
know that it is real. I know that Heavenly Father answers each and
every one. He sure has answered mine. One big thing I have learned
more about is that prayer is a conversation with God. You talk but you
also need to listen to what he has to say. Try pausing after a question
and just listening for an answer. I know that he loves us and will come
as close as we allow. I love you all with all of my heart. Stay strong
in the faith.

Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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