Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome Potentials

So not too much to report on this week. We did a lot of finding and we
have a couple of awesome potentials. One has had the missionary
before so she has some great potential. She is in her early
and her husband is in Afghanistan right now. She went out
of town for a
week or two but we'll continue to teach her when she
is back. We are
also working with a part member family. The mom
and dad are recent
converts. They were baptized a couple months
ago. The daughter that is
fourteen is the only one that isn't baptized
yet. She really likes
going to YW classes and I know that it is just a
matter of time before
she is baptized.

It is nice having an *English called* companion. Now I can't turn to
anyone when I am speaking Spanish. It has already helped my
improve. We don't run into too many Spanish speakers
though. Maybe a
couple a day at the most.

Good job at state Ashley. That is awesome that the boys did so well
too. Tell them I said good job. Your testimony about priesthood
blessings is really awesome too. I know that they really do help if we
have faith that they will.

Sorry my letter is so short this week. I'm sure I will have more to
report on in the future. Thanks for all the updates about everyone and
everything. Oh and thanks for keeping my address and things updated
other people. Os Amo. Keep the faith!

Elder Gray

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