Monday, April 20, 2009

A Crazy Thursday

This week has been a crazy week. Thanks for the package. I stuck one of the mini Preach my Gospel's in my scripture case so I can always have one with me. And the candy is really good. I am still working on it :)
I love hearing about track and the family. Those are the two things I miss the most back home. So keep telling me all you want. I might have to steal Ashley's Arcadia medal. I'm jealous :) Tell Ashley good job! Maybe I could train with those 2 when I get home. That's funny about Justin and those bananas. Is there anything else you want me to nudge him along with? ;)
So with transfers next week we will have P day on Tuesday. We find out Monday night if we are getting transferred. I will let you know then what's happening.
Thanks for the quote. It is really true. The thought has crossed my mind several times that there is no limit to how much I can grow out here. The more effort, the bigger the reward. Keep that in mind, especially in sports, you two track stars ;)
Last Thursday was really crazy. We met Satan himself. We had weekly planning, then went to an investigator's house to teach. Her name is Mickey. We committed her for baptism and she accepted (she changed her mind though on Saturday and doesn't want us back :( unfortunately. After that we went in an area of town that we hadn't been in before. We pulled up to an apartment complex and the first person we ran into was a little Mexican guy on crack. He was high and couldn't think very well. It was sad because he had rotted away teeth and had no meat on his bones. After that we saw a profane sign posted by the apartment management. As we were leaving the apartments we tried to talk to a lady that was knocking on a door. She had one leg, was dirty, was carrying a wad of cash and a begging sign, and she was really grumpy and looked like she needed more drugs. It was the perfect example of what addictions do to people. Truly sad.
After that, we started walking down the street and a guy pulled up beside us and told us to be careful because we were in a dangerous neighborhood. We kept walking because it didn't feel that dangerous, just a bunch of weird people. A couple minutes later we saw a guy with dreadlocks and a vest walking and stopped to talk to him but he just kept on going right into his house. Just then a big guy that looked like a hippy/mountainman popped up from the bushes by the front porch. He was the drunkest I have ever seen someone. He couldn't say anything without slurring it. He said something about hating mormons and when we asked for him if he could refer us to someone, he literally could not think, because he was so wasted. This whole time he had a stupid smile on his face. He disappeared into his house. We didn't even get twenty feet away from the house before we started talking to another interesting guy. This one looked pretty normal besides being a little dirty but right in the middele our converstation he asked us if he could "roll one". He then proceeded to roll a cigarette with who-knows-what in it. We had a good conversation with him though and he seemed like a pretty good guy deep down. He donated 32 cents to us to give to the church. We had just gotten done talking to him when a cop pulled up. He asked us if we had seen a certain guy. He proceeded to describe him. The description matched the guy with dreadlocks perfectly. We told the cop that the guy he was looking for was in the house taht we were standing in front of. The cop called in backup and another cop pulled up. We left so we don't know what happened with that situation. (As Chris' mother .... I am really glad they got out of there!)
We started walking down the street again and saw a guy passionately sniffing roses in his front yard. He would grab a rose in both hands and take deep breaths, then move on to the next one. He had long sleek black hair. A long satan beard (satan or satin?), and tatoos all over his right arm and just a couple on his left. We started talking and he was like "sorry guys, but as you can see," pointing to his right arm, "I work for the other side." He then proceeded to explain how he finds joy in being miserable and how he was predestined to not be saved. He also said how he and his friend were talking about how mormons are the only ones going to heaven. He was probably one of the nicer people we talked to that day, just horribly misguided. Its sad how Satan can trick people like that. We knocked on two more doors then went to dinner.
After dinner, we committed another person for baptism. Her name is Ellen and she is real sweet.
I will snail mail you the rest of the story.
And don't worry we were never in any danger. We are lucky if we meet one really crazy person in one day. We just got lucky and met, like, seven that day!
Stay close to the Lord and I love you all.
Elder Gray

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