Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"I am excited because we finally have things rolling...I'm glad we get to stick around"

Hey everyone,
This week has been pretty normal week. Thanks for the package. I received it on Saturday. I am excited to make the cookies and brownies. Thanks for the pants and ties. I definitely needed some more variety in my clothes so I was pretty excited when I saw the contents of the package. How is everyone doing? Are you all excited for school to get out in a couple weeks?

So Mother's day I get to call home. I will let you know what time I will call as soon as I know.

Last night we got the call about transfers. Elder Kleinman and I are both staying another transfer. Most of our district is staying, which is awesome because we have the best district. We have a baptism scheduled for Saturday. Her name is Ellen. She is so accepting of everything. I think the Lord really prepared her a lot before hand. When we talked about the word of wisdom she said she used to drink a bunch of coffee but not anymore, just an occasional cup. She was like, "yeah, I can give up that. Its no problem." I just wish everyone was this awesome. She keeps her commitments and everything. I'm not sure who is gonna baptize and confirm yet but we'll figure it out. All our other investigators are either pretty new or they have been dropped. I am excited because we finally have things rolling. I'm glad we get to stick around.

So in our mission, our goal is always 100 baptisms a month. It hasn't been reached for a couple years (I guess they got close a couple times). But May is looking really promising. May is gonna be the month we do it.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the letter and that I am very safe. I enjoyed their letter and the stories in it. Yesterday the mission president's wife called informing us about the swine flu. Elder Kleinman and I had heard about it on Sunday from a member but just briefly. But anyways, the president's wife just told us a bunch of things to do to avoid it and what to do if we got it. Don't worry. We are in good hands. This will probably just pass soon enough like the west Nile virus and bird flu.

If I'm remembering right, BYU is this weekend. (track and field) Good luck Ashley and Erik and also tell the team I wish them all luck. How is soccer going for Justin? Is he still on defense?

Thanks for everything. Ienjoy your letters and packages like always. I love you all and I am so grateful for your examples. Remember what we learned in conference and stay close to the Lord.

Elder Gray

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