Monday, April 13, 2009

The only way we can truly teach people is with the spirit.

Hola de Tejas mi familia,
I am doing well here.  Thanks for the Easter basket.  I actually just got it.

I don't know why they couldn't find it before. It’s pretty big. Thanks for
everything. I am excited to eat some more sugar. I'm sure I can still
give those Easter things to some people even though Easter has passed.
And you’re welcome for the pics. Sorry I didn't send any till now. It
seems like the whole weekend people are celebrating down here.
Good Friday is a pretty big deal because there’s a lot of Mexicans

who are all catholic. I forgot to bring the letters I received from you
all to the library so I will do my best to answer the questions I remember.
So what was this about dad going to Alaska? Justin told me how his

plane got delayed. And yes Justin, my companion does snore ;) He
is a really funny guy though. That was a good analogy you had in
your letter Erik. Keep working hard. You are getting about the same
times or better than I did when I was a freshman. My success slowly
built up all through high school. That’s cool about your races too,
Ashley. Both of you look up
Alma 37:6.
That is cool that Justin is playing defender.  Just like Ashley.  This

week has gone by pretty fast. We have been working pretty hard. We
have been working a lot in the area around the university lately. This
is by the north part of the campus. Its kinda cool cuz we have driven
past the football, baseball, and softball stadiums like every day. The
football stadium and practice facilities are just on the other side of the
road from our area's boundaries. It is a really big stadium.
We met this lady in that area that is a refugee from New Orleans.  

They lived on a bridge for a week. She is really cool and humble.
Her name is Mickey. She is about 30 and lives with her son and
nephew. We've only taught one lesson with her so far but we're
praying that we can keep teaching her. We haven't been able to
get a hold of Alisha so hopefully we can soon.
Elder Kleinman is really good at studying.  He teaches me new things

about studying better every day.
We have been helping a lady in the ward named Beverly Bliss that

doesn't go to church anymore. Her son still does most of the time.
We have gone over a couple times and done yard work for her. She
really appreciates it. We are just gonna keep on being nice to her
and maybe someday she will come back to church. I sure hope so.
The other day when we were tracting we ran into a house that was

being rented out by some college students. It turns out they are all
part of a Christian club at the university. One of them is a preacher's
son so he knows the Bible inside and out. It was funny because he
is only a couple years older than me but he gives a better argument
than most everyone else, including the ministers. But we had to
move on because you can't teach someone without the spirit and
even though it was a nice discussion, the kid wasn't receptive to the
spirit. The only way we can truly teach people is with the spirit.
Stay close to the Lord and I love you all.
Elder Gray

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