Monday, July 26, 2010


So another week has passed by and I'm still lovin it. This last week we rode bikes a lot. A couple days we went 10+ miles a day. Its been fun. We have been able to talk to a lot more people than usual. One of our investigators, Gonzalo, came to church for the second time. He showed up all on his own last week. He will be set with a baptismal date most likely when we meet with him on Wednesday. The two girls got confirmed yesterday. I am so proud and happy for them.
Mom, I believe too that angels are watching over us always. Just yesterday we were riding or bikes home and we heard this wierd scraping sound. We turned around the corner and someone was just getting out of a wrecked car. The front passenger side wheel was completely torn off and that corner of the car was resting on the ground. We looked behind him and there was a ruined chain link fence and a completely demolished mailbox and some damage to the grass in front of the two houses. This mailbox was about 3X3 ft on the base and about 4ft high. It was made of cement and stones so I was a pretty solid thing. We had probably rounded that corner less than thirty seconds after he wrecked. A couple minutes earlier we had stopped for about thirty seconds to see if we saw one of our investigators across the street. I don't know if we would have been in the path of that car or not but nevertheless I am very grateful for the protection we received. He claimed that he was talking on his cell phone, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some alcohol in his system as well. I know that the Lord watches over us all. I am sure there are many times that we never even know that we were spared from tragedy.
I really like hearing about all that's going on back at home. Thanks for the updates about family, friends, etc... That was interesting about the Cutlers' homecoming. It sounded crazy. Thanks for your testimony about forgiveness Dad. Before my mission I still carried a couple of grudges deep down. I felt justified. But now I know that I wasn't justified at all. No one is ever justified in committing even a little sin. Its been really easy to let it all go once I realized it was wrong. Its still fun living with the other missionaries. We cook a lot of stuff together and I am trying to perfect my no-bake-cookies. They are getting better (thanks Ash for the cookbook). Could you send me the recipe for cake mix cookies? I would really like to make some sometime. Thanks for everything. Good luck in sports/school/student govt/avoiding shark attacks/life in general. Remember to avoid mediocrity and rise above and beyond the rest. Y'all have a good'un cuz I'm sure fixin to, aight ;)
Con Amor,
Elder Gray

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