Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm getting transferred. Its crazy because I feel like I just got here. Time flies. We have knocked a good portion of this area so I won't miss that part of the area. But as I've been here longer I have grown to love everyone more and more. I will miss them. But my new area is going to be even more awesome than this one. We're just going to blow everything out of the water. I really like going into new areas and getting new companions because you can start over new and be whoever and whatever you want to be. But anyways this week was really awesome. We taught 30 total lessons and Randy got baptized. Both of those, especially the baptism, were big accomplishments for us. His kids haven't been baptized yet but Jordyn wants to be baptized. I am confident that they will all be baptized within a couple months or sooner. Randy's wife enjoyed the baptism. It was a really neat, spiritual and personal baptism. The bishop gave Randy an FHE manual and wants him to be ordained to the priesthood as soon as possible. The ward is excited for someone as solid as him to be baptized. He is a really Christlike person and he follows the spirit very well. There is a sister in the ward that has every church app on her I-phone and so she helped Randy to get a bunch on his. There is an app with all the church manuals, standard works, hymns, just everything you can think more!
So today we are going to a place called Buffalo Wild Wings and we are going to do their blazing challenge. You have to eat 12 buffalo wings in 6 minutes. They are drenched in super hot sauce. You get an awesome t-shirt if you win. All the missionaries that have tried it have succeeded, so hopefully I don't break that chain.
Yes the chickens have sharp talons. I'm not sure if it rains much in the summers here on average. It was super dry last summer and this year it has rained a bunch more but not much in the last week or two. From what I understand, we are just barely south of tornado alley. So we can get tornadoes (last spring we had one touch down and then another time we had a tornado watch), but its not too common, I haven't seen any in person. You should tell Erik to send me the ultimate blizzard. That would be tasty ;) That's awesome that you are doing that 21 day thing Mom. I love hearing about how you all are continually improving spiritually. Keep it up and I love you all.
Elder Gray

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