Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"TSAM shoe"

So I am getting transferred. I don't know where to yet, but I know its not the border because I would have been leaving tomorrow morning instead of Thursday. Elder Kleinman is staying. Every companionship in our district is changing so its an exciting time.

Our zone won the "TSAM shoe" for May. It is an old shoe in a case given to the zone with the most baptisms each month. We had 13.

Today we went paintballing. Those really rich people that we went to a month or two ago have about twenty Tippman A5's and two Angels (really good guns). They also supplied us with the paintballs and air. I am real tired from that.

I don't have very much time on email today so sorry this one is short. I will send a letter with some pics and my new address on Thursday. I love you all and deeply appreciate your letters and support. Stay close to the Lord and I love you all.

Elder Gray

P.S. Tell Dave congrats on his mission call.

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