Monday, August 17, 2009

Read Alma's one of my favorites

This week was another great week. We have Roger set with a baptismal
date for the last Sunday of the month. He is still taking everything in
real well. His baptismal interview is set for this coming week. Mario
and family are still going strong. Just in these last couple weeks they
have changed so much. I am really excited for them. They are planning
on getting married and getting baptized this month before she has her

Sorry this letter is so short but I wrote one and it didn't go through.
I dunno, maybe it did, but it isn't in my outbox. If it did go through
somehow just ignore this one. But anyways I don't have enough time to
write another one. Thanks for the letters and pictures and everything.
Good luck in all your sports. It sounds like you are doing awesome
already. I will be sending a memory card with pics soon. Also do you
think you could look and see if we still have that Air Alert program
lying around somewhere. I would like to start doing that for my morning
workouts. So just let me know, please :) Also let me know if there's
anything I should include or exclude in my letters. Thanks for being my
family and I hope you all continue to be blessed. Oh and tell Grandma
and grandpa thanks for that letter in Spanish. It was awesome! I love
you all.

Elder Gray

P.S. Read Alma 32. Its one of my favorites

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