Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"She said she knew we were sent by God"

Hey everyone,
Good job at state and region track. Sounds like you guys did awesome.
That sounds like an awesome track meet. Good job Ashley. You too
Erik. I'm glad you
are continually improving. You will make it to
state next year if you
are willing to do what it takes. You are both
looking nice and skinny.
The members are fattening us all up so I am
definitely not getting
skinnier :) My belly button is slowly becoming an
inny instead of an
outty (or whatever it was before). I just thought
you would like to
know that ;) Tell Shaye and Aubrey and everyone
else congratulations.

Thanks for all the info about track and everything. I really enjoy it.

So next week I wont be able to send an email because I think the library
will be closed. So unless we find somewhere else to email, I will just
send a letter.

This last week we were supposed to baptize Mary. But it turns out she
forgot about it. She wanted to invite a bunch of friends. So she is
gonna be baptized this coming Sunday instead. She is a funny lady. We
love going over there and helping with her garden.

Yesterday we met an awesome woman named Sophia. She recognized the
spirit and told us so. She said she knew we were sent by God. We are
gonna visit her again today. I'll tell you more about her in the next
letter. She is gonna be awesome.

We had Zone Conference on Friday. Elder Richardson from the 70 came and
talked. He answered questions and gave a real good talk. He talked
about seeking for spiritual gifts and a bunch of other things. It
really motivated me to do my best. President Cutler just talked for a
couple minutes. He shared a really good story about coping with

One thing I have been learning a lot lately is how important it is to
set good goals. You can acheive so much more with goals. They need to
be specific, measurable, atainable, and time-efficient.

Thanks for the thoughts, inspiration, and stories. Keep strong in the
faith. I love you all.

Elder Gray

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