Monday, January 19, 2009

First Letter

Hey sorry it took so long for me to write my first letter.
This is our first p-day and I just set up my email
account. We can get on email only on p days. I am
doing very well. Its challenging here but its great.
Its amazing here. I don't have much more time today
so this is gonna be a little short. Sorry. But my
letter I wrote is a couple pages long and it has a lot
more detail. I just put it in the mail a couple
minutes ago so it should be arriving sometime this
week. I have a couple questions. Do you prefer
emails or letters. If email, which email
address? Thanks for everything :) I love you all!


Elder Gray
p.s. We got a new mtc president this week.
He is awesome and his favorite poem is
touch of the masters hand.

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